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At Racing Roots Racing Simulators, we aim to cater to racing and driving enthusiasts of all levels; practice for that track day, drive your dream roads, or race against the world, all in the comforts of your home


Pick from a list of complete systems or spec your own simulator rigs with our range of parts to bring the track and road to your home today

The simulator rigs can be assembled in-house and delivered free-of-charge anywhere in Singapore

Contact us to book a demo session to feel what it's like before committing to a purchase





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have fun

with us!

Racing Roots aim to cater to sim racers beyond the equipment. 

Showroom Rental

Our space is open for anyone who wants to come down to have some time in our Ready to Race simulators. Be it practicing for a competition or goofing around a mountain road with friends, we are here for you.​


Racing Roots are also open to event bookings and catering, ranging from using our showroom as an event space or providing Ready to Race simulator rigs at your own event, we strive to give you sim racing experiences that you desire.

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Racing Roots is founded by Jaden and Jason, friends who met from sim-racing competitions who went on to compete locally, and then against the region, both on and off the track. 

We are sim-racing and driving enthusiasts who love to have fun and want to provide a similar experience to any and everyone who is interested. We are also diehard advocates of sim-racing and really acknowledge the potential of sim-racing in improving real world driving skills

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